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Human Trafficking Conference

2014 Trafficking In America Conference Theme – Restoring Humanity from Modern Day Slavery For 10 years we have worked to educate America about the issues surrounding human trafficking. As Trafficking In America Task Force works to prepare for the 2014 National Trafficking In America Conference we are mindful of all that has been accomplished since we first began our work in 2004. We have seen a tremendous rise in a desire for education and moved from experiencing doors closed in our faces to invitations to present more education. The fruit is now being seen for the many years of persistence and we attribute some of this to the Annual Trafficking In America Conferences. The theme of the 2014 Trafficking In America Conference is Restoring Humanity From Modern Day Slavery.

The 4th annual Human Trafficking Conference will be in West Palm Beach, FL, from July 16 to 18 (19th for NGO’s that want to stay for the debrief and planning meeting). We have selected the newly rennovated Hilton Palm Beach Airport for this 3 day event, located in beautiful WPB. Early Bird Registration is now open. TIATF is planning to bring you another dynamic conference with an agenda that focuses on supply, distribution, and demand; opening night Meet and Greet Reception; annual Tear Drop Awards Luncheon; 20 Vendors; and more. We look forward to seeing you there as we all work towards one common goal — Restoring Humanity From Modern Day Slavery! The speaker line up will be exceptional as in the former TIA Conferences. We will be updating the site on a regular basis as the plans unfold. NOW THAT WE KNOW — WHAT DO WE DO??

NEXT STEPS from 2013 Conference on Human Trafficking

As a result of the 2013 Human Trafficking In America Conference, we have decided to write a synopsis of the presenters topics and make some suggested next steps for those that have now become educated and want to know what they can do to work to create a culture free of slavery. While this is a minimal attempt at such a task, it is a start. We will add to the topics periodically and as suggested ideas for solutions arise and are brought forth. Department of Defense: Linda Dixon presented a look at the issues within the military of the US and what they are doing to make changes from within our armed forces both domestically and around the world.

NEXT STEPS: Educational outreached initiated from those that wear the uniform to their peers will be the most effective way of addressing this. Since this area is no different from addressing the demand side of the triangle (expressed below) it is just taking place within our armed forces. If the DoD can prohibit pornography use within their institution, so can the rest of this country. Their example is to be applauded. Campaigns to follow suit would be welcome and produce some much needed prevention. Relative Poverty and Human Trafficking Vulnerabilities – While the presenter shared her research from Nepal’s culture, we see that poverty is a large contributor to human trafficking, no matter what country, especially in the realm of families trafficking their own children which appears to be on the rise within the United States.

NEXT STEPS: We need to turn up the heat on various areas that can indeed prevent some of the problems with poverty in America. This is a wide-open field and open for any creative ideas to address poverty in America. We will select a presenter that deals with this in a more direct way and in a broader scope at the next conference. FBI – Innocence Lost Program and Case Studies – FBI is on top of this issue.

NEXT STEPS:  Post your state’s FBI numbers; Homeland Security: 866-347-2423; Intl. Homeland Security: 802-872-6199; National Hot Line reporting Numbers 888-373-7888 anywhere and everywhere it is possible. We needs creative marketing of these numbers to make a real impact. All of those working in the movement have them. They need to be visible in areas where others can see them. I can not stress the importance of PSA’s. The Girl is the New Drug – This presentation focused on how social media, specifically facebook, is contributing to the problem by the founders/corporate leadership refusal to stop allowing traffickers and pornographers a venue to solicit for and traffic the vulnerable. Ray Bechard is leading a campaign to get them to stop.

NEXT STEPS: He needs major support and partners to assist. Creative methods of forcing social media’s hand to make changes is paramount. Educate youth on social medial dangers; report sites that are suspected of trafficking to FBI and the social media group; advocate for laws that make such posting illegal and prosecutable like any other trafficking distributor; bring attention to the press; write the companies such as Facebook, backpage.com; etc. Civil Society Engagement Against Human Trafficking – Citizens can do a host of interactive activities with their local civic groups that work with youth in order to bring wholeness to their own communities. Boys and Girls Clubs, CASA, and the like, are all great ways to engage citizens in their communities and bring education.

NEXT STEPS: Creating power point presentations that can be presented by youth leaders targeted specifically to those they oversee can make a great difference. When you see a youth alone on the streets, talk to them. You might prevent a life from being ravaged by this crime. Labor Trafficking – EEOC cited various cases of labor trafficking within their sphere of work.

NEXT STEPS: We need leaders in America to begin to change the face of Corporate America. Education to the business community all across America is missing in this movement. We need business men and women to lead research program and begin to instill a more holistic approach to doing business in the United States so as to bring the understanding of the value of the work force. Review the site www.consciouscapitalism.com The Effects of Fatherless Homes on Children – When 95% of runaways come from fatherless homes and 50+% of trafficked victims are from the runaway population, we immediately see that we must strengthen the family structure.

NEXT STEPS: We need men to step up to the plate here. Create a “Daddy Project” to teach youth boys about what it really means to be a father. Bring healing to the boys of this generation. This to me should be the #1 focus in creating a culture free of slavery. Our men and boys need healing. National Educators to Stop Trafficking – With the average age of a human trafficking victim being 12 – 13, getting curriculum into the schools can be the most efficient means of reaching the next generation. Educators are overwhelmed with curriculum and many are not able to incorporate new data into their already busy day. However, if they have a tool where they can pick and choose what they believe is necessary to educating their students, they are free to incorporate meaningful information into the lives of those they teach.

NEXT STEPS: Calling on all Educators and those with curriculum for youth. NEST is the new source for a universal warehouse of curriculum target at preventing youth from becoming prey to human trafficking. It will be a resource for educators in the school systems to utilize for educating their students from elementary school to high school. NEST needs to reach the National Educators Associations to garner the support and the vehicle to market this program into the schools so they educators can become aware of it. If you have the ability to make such connections please let us know.  PTS groups, State Educational Systems, Libraries, Principals, School Boards, etc. The link between Child Pornography & Trafficking *  Impunity for US Govt. While the presenter did not touch on this aspect of her presentation, this element needs to be addressed. To many of our government leaders are getting away with everything from viewing pornography (including child pornography) on their computers at work to participating in child pornography to being a part of the demand ad johns.

NEXT STEPS: This area is a wide open field for next steps. The presenter will be re-working her presentation for the future as she evaluates and redesigns her material. Gang and Cartel Involvement in Human Trafficking – The presenter shared that 80% of human trafficking is taking place within the realm of gangs and the cartel and that if we can address this aspect of our culture we can reduce the number of instances by that amount – 80%.

NEXT STEPS: This is not an area for everyone to address. The most effective means of addressing it will be for preventing our youth from the need to become involved in gangs in the first place and that goes back to the fatherless homes issues. Demand Reduction – That there is even a desire for this type of criminal activity to begin with is the problem. We must ask ourselves, why are so many men engaged in purchasing women and children for sex, and why do corporation not care about those they employ? This goes back to root causes: pornography (which is actually illegal in America) and why our country will not bring charges against the producers of it. There is ample evidence to present in order to prosecute and bring down this enterprise.

NEXT STEPS: We are asking men to rise up and do their part. Be creative. Reach out to those in your communities and end this. I also believe that another problem with our culture, and a major aspect of what is driving the demand is the Mass Media engines that are driving the free enterprise system and corporate America’s bottom line mentality. The need for more and more of everything has created a dependency on materialism where many America’s simply cannot comprehend living within their means as a mode of contentment and a fulfilled life. A major shift in our churches and religious institutions needs to take place. Back to the StreetsPreventing the Next Generation from Trafficking  – The presenter of this talk was a former pimp whose life is in the healing process as he works to prevent youth from becoming involved in the life of pimping. A former “Pimp of the Year” at the Players Ball now has committed his life to prevention. NEXT STEPS: We need to hear from more of these men that indeed are experiencing life changing encounters and coming for the to educate us on the reality of why they do what they do. This education is some of the greatest there is because we can see into the minds and hearts of those that are participating in the distribution on humans as a means of enterprise. Creative ways to reach this audience can only be inspired by those that are prepared to enter this aspect of creating cultural change. There are 2 types of traffickers: those that entered as a result of extreme abuse as children; and those that are involved in the most brutal aspect as organized crime bosses and the syndicates that are running the game. Travel, Tourism, and Trafficking.

NEXT STEPS: Brochures, educational materials can be created and distributed to every travel related industry in the country. A push to get hotels to discontinue providing adult channels on the televisions; education to staff (such as the Carton Hotels does); education to travel agents; tour guides; air travel; airports; cruise lines; etc. Seek funding to create and distribute these tools would be a wise use of the right person’s time. Panel of Survivors Overcoming Effects of Pornography Addiction. NEXT STEPS: We will dedicate more time to this at the next conference. With pornography being one of the major root causes fueling human trafficking, we simply must get congress and law enforcement to come to the reality that it has to end

. Continued education, PSA’s on prime time television; youtube video’s from those who have been affected that show the potential progression from the first look at pornography to the eventual possibility of purchasing children (the worst case scenario). Education from researchers such as Melissa Farley, American Clinical Psychologist and researcher, and others noted in this field. The Victim: Identification and Assistance Through Services – Intervention the first 48 hours for a victim of human trafficking is the most needful area in this movement.

NEXT STEPS: There is a great need to bring victims of this crime to wholeness. Survivors are doing great work helping us understand the issue, but there are not enough service for them. Those first few hours, the need for bathing, new clothing, medical care, counseling, housing, dental care, etc. are needed to get them out of the cycle of running and re-entering the system. There needs to be more education in the Department of Children Services; Churches; Foster families willing to undertake this calling, etc. At the 2014 conference we will dedicate time to those working in this area. If you are interested in overseeing this track, contact yvonne@rtbp.net I.P.A.T.T.H. – Clinical Curriculum Launch – For those in the area of healing and restoration, this curriculum is most needful.

NEXT STEPS:  Dr. DeGaglia needs survivors to complete the survey in order to complete this curriculum. Survivors are encourage to do so at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/IPATTHAPRIL2013 Then, bring education to those who are psychologists and psychiatrists in order to help them better understand how to integrate their current methods of trauma healing with the intricate details that a victim of complete mental rape and manipulation have undergone. MASS MEDIA – was addressed at the 2012 Conference.

NEXT STEPS: 1) Stop watching programs that promote gratuitous sex and violence; 2) write networks and get them to stop certain programming (activists did this in the fall of 2012 and were successful at getting the “Playboy” series removed from prime time television); 3) write advertisers and refuse to buy product made with slave labor; 4) write actors that continue to take roles that promote gratuitous sex and violence.

GOALS OF THE 2014 Human Trafficking Conference: While we will still have Trafficking 101 for those who attend and are new to this movement, we feel there is a major need to continue addressing root causes that are fueling this egregious crime against humanity. Additionally, we will add some presentations that will focus on not only the restoration of victims of human trafficking, but restoration of humanity as a whole. Our Vision at Trafficking in America Task Force is one of Creating a Culture Free of Slavery continues to be on the forefront and calls us to center on healing of the very fabric of our society. With the education surrounding areas fueling human trafficking, we must begin to reverse the effects of the onslaught into our lives over the past few decades and see where we can make adjustments that can indeed begin to reduce incidents of modern slavery. As we work to educate about what human trafficking is, we must simultaneously bring healing to our minds and souls. That is the only way we will defeat human trafficking, modern day slavery. Please Visit our 2014 Human Trafficking Conference Site


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