CAATIATF will not be coordinating a 2015 national conference. We are instead partnering with and lending our support to Chosen Advocates Associates  by serving on the committee for Project Restoration Hope Fest and the Human Trafficking Summit in Denver, CO. We encourage you to attend this event.

CAA is working to provide clinical treatment to children victims of forced SEX TRAFFICKING in Colorado and raising awareness nationally. CAA will build the first Research Human Trafficking (HT) Healing Center specialized in treating the multifaceted medical conditions (HT) patients suffer with to begin the rehabilitation phase of healing. We intend on designing and implementing a strong evidenced based curricula from the data collected on the effectiveness of specialized holistic treatments. The data collection process from this project will assist in identifying areas of improvement with the multidisciplinary healthcare clinicians approaches and will contribute with producing superior educational resources to implement best practices for treating HT patients as a whole person focused on the body (physiological), mind (emotional and psychological), and spirit (interfaith spiritual necessities for healing).

From Lindsey Anton, speaker at the HT Summit: “What CAA is putting into motion – a full service, client-centered medical rehab center that addresses not just the physical body, but the heart and spirit as well is absolutely a dream come true for advocates who have been searching for a place like this to refer to clients and it will certainly be a blessing to every client that enters through the doors. I hope CAA and its work can be a model for communities in the nation and an inspiration to hearts on fire for the eradication of human trafficking.”

Visit the HT Summit website and register today for this ground breaking event. September 10-13 in Denver, CO.

Purchase the videos of the 2014 conference.

TIATF is offering support to two events in 2015:

Chosen Advocates Summit September 10-13, 2015, Denver, CO – TIATF is a sponsor of this event and on the advisory committee lending our support and other efforts to coordinating the Chosen Advocates Associates (CAA) Project Restoration National Summit. The focus of the summit is to bring the most current information about modern day slavery in Colorado. We encourage those who might have attended the TIATF 5th human trafficking conference to attend the Project Restoration National Summit. Yvonne Williams will be speaking on Preventing Human Trafficking by Addressing American Culture at the Summit. She will also present at the Music Fest on closing day of the summit.

Time to Take Action in November 13-14, 2015 2015, Tampa, FL

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 Posted on : January 28, 2015