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Edited from 2011 – I am the eternal optimist … the idealistic dreamer who believes the best. I remember many years ago I was sharing an idea with someone about an issue and how I felt that we could get rid of it completely. He laughed and said it would never happen. “But, if you are determined, there is a way”. My eyes opened wide and I eagerly asked, “What is that way”? He laughed again and said, “People have to lose their appetite for it”. That struck a cord in me that completely changed the way I viewed matters of great concern from that day forward. So how does that apply to the sordid and incomprehensible issue of sex trafficking?

When we look at the acts that people commit, we don’t see with open eyes. We don’t see who that person really is and therefore can’t reach into the depths of their soul to bring them out of their own despair. What is it that lies beneath what we see on the surface in each other? A pure heart. Every soul on the planet has a pure heart at birth, however, life has a way of muddying the soul. A killer generally kills because he has been killed at some level and has never healed. An angry man is generally angry because he has been violated in some way and never healed. We all respond to life circumstances in a manner that is safe for us and that can include ridding ourselves of people who make life uncomfortable until we come to understand who we are. Anger, hatred, bitterness and the like are all issues that cover over the pure heart. Like weeds, they crowd out the real person. And when we understand who we are then we will understand each other and be able to see beneath the acts and into the heart. Then is when transformation takes place and lives are changed.

America’s soul has slowly become deadened, numb if you will, over the years by a steady flow from various entities. All forms of mass media including movies, entertainment, corporate marketing, have fed us a slow injection of sex, violence, and perversion, and moved to a level of the most grotesque forms of dehumanization imaginable against one another, that, had we watched this type of entertainment 20 years ago, we would have been mortified and screaming in the streets. But the steady drip, drip, drip, of more and more of these images have numbed our souls. We can no longer see who we are. We are dead people walking in bodies with little concern for our human brothers and sisters except to degrade them — or separate ourselves from them — or even remove them from our lives if we don’t agree with the things they do.

With this in mind, yes, I even believe that the root of trafficking can be eradicated. We won the civil rights issues and we can win this one. Think about it and bring your ideas to the 2014 conference. We can heal the soul of America if we become determined to affect our culture. We just have to look through different eyes and see that light at the end of the tunnel.

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 Posted on : March 7, 2014
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