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An Invitation to ParticipateWe are so pleased to introduce the TIATF-Alliance and are now taking applications for inclusion into what we envision as a powerful program to increase productivity a midst participants in the anti-human trafficking movement in the USA in order to expedite an end to modern slavery. This program has been in the works for over a year! While we continue to slowly move forward, at a pace that affords us the ability to build as we grow, we feel we are ready to launch the program. TIATF is confident that this Alliance will bring clarity and purpose to the anti-human trafficking movement. We invite you to check it out, ask the questions that you need answers to, and see if this is a fit for your organization.An example of the effectiveness of this type of alliance connectivity, the rescue arm is already working. TIATF was able to facilitate the recent rescue of a young woman by mobilizing numerous NGOs, Law Enforcement, and others across the USA to be available in various cities as touch points for the victim during her long and dangerous journey to freedom. With RESCUE being 1 of the 7 areas of concentration in the TIATF-Alliance, this is only an example of how the program will work — organizations working together to bring about a desired end result! — to turn around and STOP Human Trafficking in America.We realize that the TIATF-Alliance is not for everyone. However, it is for many, and you just might be the one that it was designed for. Below is a simple brief overview of the program. A PDF of the application is below.What is the TIATF-Alliance?The TIATF-Alliance is a collection of Non Government Organizations (NGO’s) working to create cultural change in America as a means of ending modern slavery – slavery of all types: sex trafficking, labor trafficking, slavery to areas in the American culture that are root causes fueling human trafficking. We want to attract NGO’s (as well as those outside the non-profit sector) that work within the following seven spheres of influence. We will then discover where the needs are (the weak links) and work to build within those areas. For example, if we have 12 NGO’s working in the SUPPLY equation and only 2 in the DEMAND equation, we will work to increase support in the area of DEMAND. The TIATF-Alliance needs to be a balanced entity in order to make the greatest impact. The seven areas of influence that we will focus on in order to expedite programs that can indeed make an impact are:
1)   SUPPLY– Those that work in victim services, housing, restoration, medical, etc.2)   RESCUE – Law Enforcement (LE), Private Investigators, Service Providers, etc.3)   DEMAND – Johns, Pornography, etc.

4)   DISTRIBUTION – Travel, Gangs, Sports, Pimps/Traffickers, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, etc.

5)   PREVENTION –  Youth and Children’s Organizations, etc.

6)   CULTURAL CHANGE and FAITH – Mass Media, Poverty, Fatherless Homes, Fatherhood Initiatives, Runaways, etc.

7)   EDUCATION, AWARENESS, and RESEARCH – Political Advocacy; Legislation; Training for Educators, Parents, Youth; Department of Justice; Department of Human Services; etc.

Why have we created the TIATF-Alliance?

When TIATF created our own 501c3 we incorporated in our mission an arm in which we would connect NGO’s in order to bring us all together to work in unison and not apart from one another. In the past two years we have discovered that this need is great with an onslaught of new organizations joining the movement to end human trafficking. TIATF believes in the body principle that all work together in order to build a healthy unit. There is no room in this movement for competition of any kind . . . have you encountered this? It simply should not exist.

Additionally, many have entered this arena with a heart to do something but not have the support necessary to bring their vision to pass. This may be where you fit in. If you, as a new organization, had time to work on your vision and let the funding come to you, you would have more time to implement your mission. TIATF-Alliance has a goal to hire full-time fund raisers for you and your organization as a benefit for your involvement in the TIATF-Alliance. The end result will be more energy given to doing the work and less time given to chasing money, hence bringing an end to human trafficking in a much earlier time frame.

What are the advantages and benefits of being a part of the TIATF-Alliance?

Accreditation is such an important aspect of any work that pursues sound business practice. TIATF-Alliance members will receive an official certificate of accreditation from Trafficking In America Task Force that states they operate with integrity, and supports the mission and vision of TIATF as outlined in our organization’s operating principles: their part in working as an abolitionist organization with a desire to see all people restored to wholeness in order to eradicate modern slavery.

Becoming a member of the TIATF-Alliance in your area will allow your city or state to be a part of the solution while working to eradicate human trafficking. Furthermore, you will be playing a role in affecting the culture in America in order to create changes within the entities that are fueling supply and demand.

Who is the TIATF-Alliance created for?

There are 2 Tiers to the TIATF-Alliance.


Those that simply want to be listed in the TIATF-Alliance Directory. This will list your organizational details in a schematic of the same 7 areas so they will be found with ease by searchers: Name, address, contact info, web address, category of service, vision / mission statement. TIATF will promote the directory as a viable source for the population at large.

TIER II: The NGO that is new to the movement and needs support and  basic guidance in building a proper foundation on which to build.

Tier II partners require oversight with their daily functions; and needs to be connected with others NGO’s to fulfill their goals. It also includes many additional benefits including TIATF Fund-raising efforts for your organization (pending application interview).

How do I Become a Part of the TIATF-Alliance?

Contact TIATF for the complete program guidelines and an application or download the PDF below. Once completed, e-mail it to: or mail to P.O. Box 537, Lecanto, FL 34460-0537. We will review it and contact you should we have any questions. A telephone interview will be scheduled with you once we review your application.


TIATF-Alliance members are expected to:

Adopt the Organization Operating Procedures (below)

Build a group of volunteers to accomplish your goals

Support TIATF’s, Mission Statement, National Focus, and Abolitionist Stance.

Pay Annual Member fees depending on the TIER Level that you select to be a part of

Participate in the I Promise To Do My Part National campaign for youth.

Submit application with $30.00 processing fee

Submit annual report to National Organization (provided in the package for new alliance members)

Branding: TIATF-Alliance logo will be provided once your application is approved. This logo needs to included on all print material, web sites along with your organizations logo.

Communicate with TIATF Headquarters as necessary.

Attend the annual national conference including the activities exclusively for TIATF-Alliance members. Note: the meetings scheduled for Alliance members will include planning and collaborative sessions to improve upon our work nation-wide)

Request a TIATF-Alliance Package with Application

TIATF-Organizational Operating Procedures

Trafficking Definition: Human trafficking is the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery. Sex trafficking occurs when a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or when the person induced to perform such acts has not attained 18 yrs of age.

TIATF – National Focus: In order for TIATF to ensure a National focus of uniformity, it is imperative that Alliance members discuss new ideas with the National TIATF Organization to ensure alignment with the stance of TIATF. Therefore, all TIATF-Alliance members must adopt the following principles and communicate the same to the general population.

TIATF – Abolitionist Stance: TIATF does not believe in the legalization of prostitution or “sex work”. Even though the USA has not adopted the following legal stance on prostitution, we are in agreement with the Swedish and Nordic Models: The buyers of sex should be the ones arrested and not those who are being prostituted. By legalizing prostitution as a business, we are contributing to the continued abuse of humans.

TIATF works for the equality and human dignity of men, women, and children, by recognizing that the buying and selling of men, women, and children, in prostitution is slavery. We recognize that this fight cannot be won unless abolitionists come together to speak with one voice calling for an end to this violation of fundamental human rights, dignity and security. We stand together in opposition to:

·  All forms of slavery, including the buying and selling of human beings for sexual exploitation or forced labor.

·  The sale or purchase of human beings in commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor as violations of fundamental human rights, human dignity and women’s equality.

·  The normalization of prostitution and promotion of the sex industry, as well as the use of terminology that conceals the harms of commercial sexual exploitation (e.g., “sex work”), are contrary to the achievement of freedom and equality for all human beings.

·   The demand for commercial sex and its role in fueling human trafficking.

TIATF is committed to the following principles:

All human beings have the right to live free from forced slavery of any kind (this includes perpetrators and Johns who are bound within themselves.

We hold a compassionate view towards both perpetrator and victim, knowing that God’s love is big enough for all and sets all captives free.

We will cite any and all statistics we use in educating and bringing awareness to HT in America.


TIATF is a TN 501c3. The mailing address is: P.O. Box 537, Lecanto, FL 34460

The principle office is in Lecanto, FL


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 Posted on : March 7, 2014