Human Trafficking in America

Human Trafficking in America

TRAFFICKING IN AMERICA TASK FORCE is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization founded in May 2011 by Marion and Yvonne Williams for the purpose of bringing education and awareness to the American population about the reality that 1) the sale of American women, men, and children into sexual slavery for the profit and pleasure of their perpetrators, and 2) the forced labor trafficking of both adults and children is real in the United States of America. The Williams began their work in anti-human trafficking in 2003 when they discovered the brutality of this crime against humanity.

The vision for TIATF was to help eliminate the human trafficking of people in America, and to provide a culture free of sexual exploitation and slavery, where people know their own intrinsic value.

The Mission was to motivate and inspire people to use their own talents to create grass roots movements in their geographic areas in relation to ending the tragedy of human trafficking in America. Ending the DEMAND for human trafficked victims was the focal point of advocacy and that meant affecting the culture in America so that the climate for such blatant inhumanity changed.

After coordinating four national conferences, speaking across the nation on college campuses, schools, churches, conferences, serving on round table and panels, and the like, the thrust of the organization shifted to be a 100% prevention centered organization. By analyzing all of the data that the Williams had discovered during their 11 years of advocacy realized, “We will never end human trafficking until we change our culture and remove the commercialization of humans and animals at every level,” hence the name was changed to Network for Cultural Change (NCC) in 2015. Human Trafficking is one of the 12 issues that are being addressed under the new and expanded vision with Network for Cultural Change.

Despite the name change, TIATF was still circulating among advocates and maintained a very real national presence. In 2016 colleague and male survivor, Jerome Elam approached Yvonne Williams about beginning his non-profit work. After some discussion about the name it was decided that Elam would utilize the name, Trafficking in America Task Force since the focus for his work would be similar, adding that addressing issues related to male victims would be central.

Press Release:
Jerome Elam Heads Up Trafficking In America Task Force
Boys are not for Sale is a national project spearheaded by Jerome Elam, Sex Trafficking Survivor and National Advocate.

Trafficking in America Task Force, Inc. was initially founded by Marion and Yvonne Williams in early 2011. After working as anti-human trafficking advocates since 2004, and coordinating four national conferences to bring education and awareness about human trafficking in the United States, the Williams’s decided to focus 100% on prevention. The name of the organization was changed in 2015 to Network for Cultural Change, a name more suitable to the vision of truly creating a culture free of slavery by working to address root causes fueling human trafficking.

The Williams and Trafficking in America Task Force, Inc. have supported Jerome Elam’s efforts to share his story and educate people about how boys are also victims. He was a panel speaker at the 2014 Trafficking in America Conference in West Palm Beach, FL. “Statistics about the number of boys victimized vary,” says Williams, from 20% to 40%. “The misconception is that only girls are victims. It is important to educate the general public about this so focus can include all children and prevention efforts can be targeted appropriately.

Elam has been traveling throughout the country at the invitation of governor’s offices, conference organizers, television talk shows and news programs, homeland security and other law enforcement, including the FBI, to name a few of those who are seeking to understand more about the male connection to human trafficking. “Jerome is a light in the human trafficking movement. His passion is real and he has dedicated his life to preventing other children from enduring what he did for nearly 10 years,” said Williams.

In the previous year Elam and Williams have discussed the possibility of him beginning his own 501c3, especially since there are only a handful of male survivors speaking out about what they experienced. “Boys are Not For Sale” was the first choice for the name of his organization. But the more Elam and Williams discussed his vision, a mirror of TIATF’s initial vision, the more Trafficking in America Task Force came to mind. Since TIATF already has a national presence it would be a benefit to resurrect the name and get Jerome off to a jump start. “We are thrilled that Jerome agreed and will be continuing the work as a task force that we began,” Williams said. “I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather see take up this banner than Jerome. He has become not only a trusted colleague but a friend.

“Boys are Not For Sale” will be a program and the focus of as Elam moves into his new role as a non-profit organizer. Williams will serve on the board of directors of TIATF with Jerome at the helm as President.

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 Posted on : March 7, 2014