COVID-19 Impacts Run Deeper Than Just the Virus, Just Ask Jerome Elam

Ananke is a non-profit, digital publication showcasing women trailblazers as role models. Documenting women achievements, the online publication covers a broad range of topics including gender equality, sustainable development, women’s health, education, STEM, society and much more.

Ananke’s special edition highlights the impact of COVID-19 on gender, focusing on vulnerable groups including women, children and indigenous groups. The publication features in-depth conversations on environment, the importance of bio-diversity to fight pandemics, mental health, cyber safety and rise of violence against women amid the Coronavirus crisis.

This online magazine, published August 12, 2020, featured Trafficking in America Task Force’s President and CEO, Jerome Elam. His featured interview, titled “Navigating the Dark Web of COVID-19” can be found on pages 71-80.